Department of Industrial Physics and Medical Instrumentation

Student Life

     The department is not only focused on developing the technical and professional skills of our students, we also want to develop their social skills and cultural appreciation. We therefore offer a range of activities for all of our students to enjoy.

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Relativity Games: A sports competition between several universities that is open for members of a physics program.

BME Games: A sports competition between several universities that is open for members of a biomedical engineering program.

Industry Knowledge Activities: Field trips to several industry leading organizations and conferences by representatives of these organizations.

Practical Career Experience Activities: in partnership with UTAC Thailand, small group visits to the manufacturing and quality control processes at UTAC.

Experience Exchange:Alumni come and share their experiences with current students in small group and social settings.

English Proficiency Activities: English teaching, English conversation, and other activities to increase English knowledge and skill.

International Cultural Exchange:Activities to learn western culture such as plays.

Social Responsibility Programs: Giving back to society by cleaning and maintaining parks and public spaces.

Graduation Information Seminars: Providing students with information they will need as they move into the workforce.

First Year Tutorials: Information sessions for students before starting their first year

Orientation Activities: Fun group activities to introduce the students to the school and each other


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